Etape suivante : Phetchabun

Nous sommes maintenant à Phetchabun pour tenter de localiser de nouvelles populations de Leopoldamys neilli. Même si je sais déjà que nous ne serons pas aussi efficaces que les chasseurs de Loei, j’espère que nous ferons quand même quelques captures.

A bientôt !

4 Responses to “Etape suivante : Phetchabun”
  1. Martin Ellis dit :

    Hi Alice

    Very interesting blog! I’m a British caver living in Phetchabun and would like to hear about the caves you have been visiting here and the Loei/Chaiyaphum area.

    For rats you may wish to visit Tham Khang Khao in the Tham Pha Ta Phon Non-hunting Area in Phitsanulok (the sign board outside says L. neilli is found there) and Tham Phaya Naak in Nam Nao National Park, Phetchabun (a caving colleague saw a rat a fair distance into the cave).



  2. Alice dit :

    Hi Martin
    Thank you very much for your comment ! These last days, we visited 2 caves in Petchabun province : Khao Tham Phra (Wat Tham Sombat) and Tham Nam Bang but we didn’t catch any L. neilli. Next week, we will work in Wichian Buri area.
    In Loei province, we worked with local hunters in Nong Hin area. They are really efficient and catch a lot of L. neilli everyday.
    In Chaiyaphum, we worked in numerous caves around Khon San. We also found a lot of L. neilli there.
    Thank you for your information about the 2 caves where L. neilli is maybe present but I’m not allowed to trap in protected areas. I hope to find some L. neilli outside protected areas !
    Your website is really interesting and it will help me to locate new trapping areas ! Thank you !
    Hope to read you further,

  3. Martin Ellis dit :

    Hi Alice

    Watch out for the monkeys if you visit Wat Tham Thip Bandan near Wichian Buri:-)
    If you would like some help please send me a private e-mail as I don’t want to put my phone number up on a blog. I live in Lom Sak.

    I must start looking for rats when caving…


  4. Alice dit :


    Thank you very much, I will contact you by e-mail if needed !


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